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Come to explore Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, and the land of the Sami, the only indigenous people in Europe who live off nature: reindeer herding and fishing.


In winter Lapland is snow, temperatures well below zero, and northern lights that contrast with dark skies that accompany us at this time of year.

Here you can witness the polar nights, and feel the magic of its immense forest covered by more than a meter of snow that makes it seem unreal and inexplicably beautiful.


A paradise for nature lovers and outdoor activities, this place allows you to feel peace and tranquility every time you explore its forests, and gives you the chance to experience endless outdoor activities that will fill you with a unique sensation that you only experience in Lapland.



  • This experience is designed for solo travelers, couples, or friends  aged 20 - 45 who like to meet new people and share group experiences.


    On this great tour of Lapland, you will have the opportunity to experience Finnish culture to the fullest, venture into outdoor excursions, and get to know the wild side of the Lappish territory.


    You will be living this winter experience with a group of people who share your same interests, and you will not have to think about anything, since the program covers everything you need to come and enjoy the magical winter of Lapland.

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