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Lapland is one of the most incredible winter regions in Europe. It has everything you imagine, and more! Do you want to explore? Are you one of those who travel because you are looking for adventure? Do you want to share outdoor experiences with people who speak your language? If the answer is Yes, this is the ideal vacation for you!

7 Days

In Kittilä where you will live multiple outdoor experiences, you will learn about the culture of Finland and you will feel the magical winter of Lapland.

8-12 People

In your group are travelers aged 20 - 45 who enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a new adventure.


You will stay the whole week in a beautiful vacation home that will be the perfect place to plan daily adventures.

7 excursions

The program includes 7 excursions that are the most important for you to feel the true spirit of winter in Lapland.


All the trips to the excursion places are included in a comfortable van just for us.

Private Guide

In addition to being your guide all week, I will give you the best tips to make the most of your stay.

Finnish Flavors

You will taste the typical flavors of the area and the whole of Finland within the excursions that we have prepared for you.


The price includes everything mentioned above, plus lots of fun!


Come to explore the northernmost region of Finland and the land of the Samis, the only indigenous people in Europe who live off nature: reindeer herding and fishing.


In winter Lapland is snow, temperatures well below zero, and northern lights that contrast with dark skies that accompany us at this time of year.


Here you can witness the polar nights, and feel the magic of its immense forest covered by more than a meter of snow that makes it seem unreal and inexplicably beautiful.


A paradise for lovers of nature and outdoor activities, this place allows you to feel peace and tranquility every time you explore its forests and gives you the chance to experience endless outdoor activities that will fill you with a sensation that you only live in Lapland.


Are you ready to come and enjoy all this with us?


Look what we have prepared for you...

Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition

This experience is designed for solo travelers, couples, or friends who like to meet new people and share group experiences.


On this great tour of Lapland, you will have the opportunity to experience Finnish culture to the fullest, venture into outdoor excursions, and get to know the wild side of the Lappish territory.


You will be living this winter experience with a group of people who share your same interests, and you will not have to think about anything, since the program covers everything you need to come and enjoy the magical winter of Lapland.

Are you ready to join this adventure?


Discover more of what you will experience in these 7 days…

Northern Lights and Finnish Food 

We will move to a special point where we can generally see the auroras if the weather is good and while we wait for them deep in the forest, we will enjoy typical Finnish food and drinks by the campfire. You will also find out how this natural phenomenon occurs and the legends that exist around the northern lights. This excursion is ideal to learn more about Finnish culture through food and the nature that surrounds us.

A snowshoe excursion is the best way to get to know the Finnish forest and feel the winter in Lapland, using snowshoes is simple and the most important thing is that it is very entertaining, an activity that you will undoubtedly enjoy defying the cold and where we take our adventurous side to explore the area. On the way we will have stops to appreciate the landscape and answer any curiosity that comes to mind while we are doing the activity.

Ice fishing 

In the winter all the lakes in Finland freeze over, allowing us to go ice fishing and you will have the possibility of living this unique experience in the lake where we will be located. There you will learn how to use the rods to carry out this type of fishing, and then we will proceed to make our holes with the manual ice drill, where each one will try their luck in fishing. Furthermore, the lake provides an opportunity to experience the silence and tranquility of winter nature in Lapland.

Reindeer sleigh

We will visit one of the most traditional reindeer farms in the Kittilä area, which belongs to the Samis (indigenous people from the north whose main activity is reindeer herding). In this place, you can enjoy time with the reindeer, see how they live, and feed them. The local Samis are in charge of directing the reindeer sleds and will take you on a ride around the snowy forest.


Experience the magical world of snow and ice! We will go to the largest ice and snow hotel in the Nordic countries where you will have a guided tour so that you find out all the details of how this magical place is built every year. This hotel has 16 rooms, an ice bar, an ice restaurant, a chapel, corridors, a cinema, and everything built of snow and ice. Within the tour, we will have a unique moment in the Ice bar where we will toast with glasses of ice and you can try the liquor of your choice. After the tour, you will have free time to enjoy the way you prefer in the place.


Meet the real Siberian Huskies, enjoy the surroundings, and get excited with the speed of the sled! Huskies are animals that enjoy adventure, and pulling sleds is something that fills them with joy. Without a doubt, you will be able to see their enthusiasm before starting this activity and get ready to feel the adrenaline as these wonderful puppies can reach a speed of 70 km/h. After the tour with the huskies, you will have the opportunity to learn more about them and see the other arctic animals that live in the place.


Dive into the ice-cold water and enjoy the full winter sauna experience. Swimming on ice is something extraordinary. Something essential to try when you visit Finland in winter. It may sound impossible, but once you've done it, you'll understand why it's so popular. Immersing yourself in the cold water gives you a unique and indescribable sensation and if you combine it with the traditional Finnish sauna, the experience is complete. This activity will make you feel the soul of Finland by delving into the most important tradition of this country.

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catherine ghersi
Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition
Lapland expedition
  • Private Guide
    When I moved to Finland in 2015 I studied to be a professional nature guide in Finland and received special training for expeditions in the Arctic. I have been doing excursions to different parts of the country for years, and in the winter I focus on expeditions and excursions to private groups to explore Lapland. I love my job and I love being able to show how beautiful Lapland is, and giving you a unique experience that you will never forget is always my goal.
  • Location
    Did you know that the further north of the Lapland region, the more options to see auroras? That is why our program is carried out in Kittilä where you can experience the real Lapland and not only where the Arctic Circle begins, but much further north and where you have more opportunities to see northern lights.
  • Adjustable Program
    The weather in Finland is unpredictable and can change from one moment to the next, but if one thing is clear to us, it is that the winters are cold and with a lot of snow. Each excursion is planned based on what you can enjoy in the best way and some of them are modifiable depending on the weather so that you can make the most of that moment.
  • We plan together
    Apart from the excursions included in the program, there is much more to do in the area, either on your own or with the whole group depending on your interests. The important thing is that we will all have time together to organize any other activities that you may want to do.
  • Knowledge of the area
    In all these years living in Finland, I have had the chance to get to know this country from south to north and explore it in depth, especially Lapland which is where I am every winter, having this knowledge helps me to give you the best advice for your stay and Whatever you need I will be there to solve it, my work is not only in the excursions, I will be available all week only for this group.
  • Group size
    Because you are my priority, and I am interested in giving you a cozy experience, we carry out expeditions for small or medium groups, so that you live this trip to the fullest while being listened to with your wishes and needs. Being 12 the maximum number of group participants, which are divided into 2 vans for each excursion to provide you comfort and pleasant trips.
  • People like you
    The group of each Nomad Expedition is made up of open-minded travelers, nature lovers aged 20 - 45. Everyone looks forward to outdoor adventures, meeting new people, and creating an amazing shared experience. The possibility of being in a place where you can explore, adventure, and relax at the same time will create a great vibe during your stay in Lapland.
  • Spare time
    Within the week, although there are excursions scheduled every day, you will have free time within the day, and it will depend on you how to use it. Many times part of the group organizes an outing among themselves, other people need to rest more or you prefer to explore somewhere alone. The important thing is that you keep in mind that there will be time for you to enjoy at your own pace.
  • Comfortable accommodation
    The winter houses that we use for our groups in Lapland are located in a privileged place where you have access to the center on foot, but at the same time, you can enjoy the surroundings of the snowy forest that will fill you with a unique sensation. Traditional and luxuriously furnished chalets provide comfort and enough space to enjoy relaxation. Each holiday home is perfect for cooking, sharing common spaces, and spending a pleasant moment in front of the fireplace, as well as enjoying the sauna if you wish.
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