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What is summer like in Finland?


Short but intense, the bright, warm, and lush Finnish summer arrives every year like a miracle after a long period of cold and darkness.

Finland comes alive during the summer months. Summer days are long, we have almost no night, and we can appreciate the midnight sun.

The summer colors give us the perfect setting for a vacation in the south, walking through cities like Helsinki and Tampere, where you can enjoy multiple outdoor activities, bathe in a sauna, and swim until late at night with the sun still present.





Day 1 Welcome to Helsinki!


Helsinki is a charming coastal city with a unique touch. Located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a place where urban culture meets coastal nature. The laid-back Nordic lifestyle and friendly local people make it easy to fall in love with this northern city - the capital of the happiest country in the world!

Our capital has interesting Nordic design and architecture, from modern wooden saunas, Art Nouveau districts, the famous Oodi Library, and the neoclassical gems of Senate Square to Alvar Aalto's iconic buildings, Helsinki offers much to see for visitors and lovers of architecture and design.


Day 2 Guided tour and Finnish food tasting 


The capital of Finland is known for its great design, interesting museums, unique architecture, and magnificent culinary culture.

The best way to explore the city is with a walking tour, and on this day you will have a tour of the main places of interest, where we will make various stops so that you can also try the most traditional flavors of Finland.

This tour is ideal for you to learn about the Finnish history and culture embodied in all the places we will visit. You will also enjoy the flavors of Finland in summer, based on fresh ingredients from nature.


Day 3 Let's go to Tampere, the sauna capital!


TAMPERE: where lakes and forests meet the urban


Tampere is known for being the sauna capital, with over 50 public saunas!

This city offers a unique combination of natural beauty and urban life. The laid-back locals will welcome you and the old red brick industrial buildings next to the Tammerkoski River will captivate you with their history.

Tampere is a city where you can escape to nature just a few minutes from the city center, and here you will have exciting activities that will connect you with Finnish nature.


Day 4 Kayak and Sauna Tour


In the morning, we will have a kayak tour through Tampere, getting to know Finnish nature. Aboard the kayaks, as we navigate the lake, we'll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding forests, and we will admire the city from the lake Pyhäjärvi.

We will feel the most absolute tranquility admiring these landscapes. In addition, we will make a stop in Viikinsaari. This small island is an important recreational space for the local population, as it has a beach, saunas, theater, and even a chapel. In this area, we will regain strength by having some snacks before returning to the center of Tampere.


In the afternoon, you will enjoy a traditional Finnish Sauna session, which is undoubtedly the best way to immerse yourself in Finnish culture. Sauna is the most traditional activity in Finland, and the best place to live this experience is in Tampere since this city is known as the Sauna Capital.


Day 5 Excursion in the Finnish forest


Tampere is covered in beautiful forests and lakes, ensuring there is plenty of space to explore and connect with nature.

This day we will go to a nature reserve with a beautiful hiking area where we will do a trekking circuit where you can enjoy a moment of tranquility, characteristic of the Finnish forests. In addition, we will enjoy some snacks that we will cook at the campfire. 


Day 6: Back to Helsinki


Our trip comes to an end, and this day is back to Helsinki by train at the time we schedule, depending on your flights.


  • -5 nights accommodation in Helsinki and Tampere

    -Breakfast every morning

    -Train ticket from Helsinki to Tampere and from Tampere to Helsinki

    -Transportation required to carry out activities

    -Professional guide services 

    -Activities described in the itinerary 

    -Snacks in activities

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