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Are you a nature and outdoor lover? If so, this is the perfect summer trip for you.


Summer is definitely the best time to visit Finland if you are a fan of stunning natural landscapes. The forests are lush and green, and the lakes shine with the glow of the sun that never sets below the horizon during the summer months.


The long days also mean there is plenty of time to explore, appreciate the beauty of the Finnish landscape, enjoy outdoor activities, or simply relax outside at midnight while the sun casts long shadows over the landscape.





Day 1 Welcome to Tampere!


Between the two majestic lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi lies Tampere, one of the largest cities in Finland. The Tammerkoski rapids cut through the city center and form a backdrop for former industrial buildings, now converted into elegant restaurants and museums. 

The region also has more than 50 public saunas, many of them lakeside. Near the city center, you can walk to the Pyynikki Ridge, the world's largest gravel ridge formed during the Ice Age. Pyynikki offers fantastic views of the two lakes and the Pispala area with colorful wooden houses.

Your accommodation will be in this beautiful city, and during your trip, we will visit several places within the Pirkanmaa region, where Tampere is located.



Day 2 Kayak Tour


Experience the tranquility and peace of Finland by sailing around Lake Pyhäjärvi on this Tampere kayak tour. Pure disconnection!


At Lake Pyhäjärvi we will review the safety regulations and offer you some basic tips so you can learn to paddle correctly. Then comes the funniest part.

We will begin the kayak tour through Tampere getting to know Finnish nature. We will see the forests surrounding one of the largest cities in the country and admire the city from Lake Pyhäjärvi.

We will feel the most absolute tranquility admiring these landscapes, and we will make a stop in Viikinsaari. This small island is an important recreational space for the local population, as it has a beach, a sauna, a theatre, and even a chapel. On this island, we will rest for a moment to relax and enjoy some snacks before returning to the center of Tampere.



Day 3 Hiking in Helvetinjärvi National Park


Helvetinjärvi National Park is an area that represents the boreal forests of southern Finland, which is why it has been chosen as a national park to preserve this area in its original state. It is one of the steepest forests in Finland and is dominated by geological features created millions of years ago by powerful movements deep in the Earth's crust.


This National Park is ideal for connecting with nature in its natural form, lakes, beaches, and cliffs characterise Helvetinjärvi. Here we will have a hike reaching the highest part where you can see beautiful views of the forest and lake that surrounds us.



Day 4 SUP (stand-up paddling) and Sauna


Stand-up paddling is a sport widely practiced in Finland during the summer. It promotes physical balance and relaxation. It also stimulates concentration, endurance, and coordination. Have you ever practiced it? If you have never tried it, this is your chance for it since you can learn with an instructor and then enjoy on top of your board paddling across the lake. If you already have more experience doing this activity, you can join a tour to appreciate the midnight sun, or if you want to enjoy some time alone paddling on your board, it is also possible. It all depends on what you prefer to do.


On this day, you will also have the opportunity to delve into one of the most important traditions of Finland, the sauna. Here you will have the chance of swimming in the lake and combining it with the sauna, which is the classic way to carry out this activity.



Day 5 Cooking outdoors and tasting Finnish Food


Fish and meat play a prominent role in traditional Finnish dishes in some areas of the country. Berries are a fundamental part of our meals since in Finland we get all kinds of berries. In addition, here you will find unique food combinations that show the essence and soul of the Finns.


On this day, we will move to a nature reserve and cook by the campfire so you can taste the most traditional flavours of Finland and learn more about Finnish culture through food.



Day 6 Farewell


After days full of activities, it is time to say goodbye and return home with beautiful memories of a unique trip.


  • -5 nights accommodation Tampere

    -Breakfast every morning

    -Transportation required to carry out activities

    -Professional guide services 

    -Activities described in the itinerary 

    -Snacks in activities

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