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About me

My name is Catherine Ghersi, I’m a traveler that became an excursion guide years ago, I worked guiding in different countries in South America and the Nordic countries in Europe, always feeling that this is more than a job, is my passion for life.
In 2015 I moved to Finland to learn about its history, culture and to get the training to be a wilderness guide, and since I graduated, I have been working as a guide in Finland, showing this amazing country from South to North. 

If you want to know more about me, my story, and adventures, check my blog:


Sobre mí
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In all these years working as a guide I have gotten valuable experience and knowledge from each place that I worked in past years, but I always had the thought that someday I would have my own company, where I could do something more than “just a tour”, that’s why NOMADE tourism was born.

“Because there is always more to see, and I can show it to you…”




F i n l a n d?

I was a nomad in my life, and I didn’t know when or where I wanted to settle down, but after I moved to Finland, I realized that this it will be the place to do it, Finland has that perfect combination of forest, nature, and city, that allows you to do diverse activities, and those are the ones I'm offering to you.



should I be your


g u i d e?

Because I know what you need to see here, you want more than “just a tour” and you’ll get more than that.
I have been around this country from down south to far up north, as a tourist, student, worker, and now for years, as someone living in here working as a guide, that never stop this journey of discovering and exploring the country, adding more to the experiences that I'm giving to you in NOMADE tourism.

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will you g e t?

Excellent customer service 

Knowledge about the country and all the places that we will visit

An experience, not a regular tour

A lot of fun 

Customized adjustments (if there is something specific that you want to do, there is always a chance, let me know your wishes)

Finnish experiences 

Feel the country, not just to see it

Are you the

kind of traveler 

that want to…?


Get inspired

Knows the hidden spots of each place that you visit

See the iconic places, but not with a huge group of people

Take your time to enjoy

Feel like the locals

Jump in an adventure

Share your thoughts

Get excellent customer service

Have fun

Knows the important and historical facts of places but at the same time the funny ones

Get to understand the lifestyle of the country you are visiting


If your answer is YES! Then Nomade tourism is what you need when you come to visit Finland.


   EXPLORING       t h e   u n s e e n

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