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Catherine Ghersi

About us

Nomade Tourism, created and led by wilderness guide and travel expert Catherine Ghersi, has been devoted to planning personalized, tours, group expeditions, and tailored trips in Finland for travelers that love to have a unique travel experience on their vacation. Our success has been based on our unparalleled service, dedicated customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. 


Whether you’re looking for a quiet vacation connecting with nature, a cultural experience, or an adventure, we're here to turn your dream trip into a reality.


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nomade tourism


NOMADE Tourism was born in 2018 to give unforgettable experiences for travelers looking to discover Finland exclusively. 

Each traveler has a different vision of the same trip, and we are here to offer you multiple options to make your dream trip happen.  


We love Finland, we live in it, and we want you to experience this country in its essence. 


  can you expect on our tours and excursions?

They are not crowded, we do only small or private groups in a friendly and intimate atmosphere, where you’ll get to know the important and historical facts of places we are visiting and at the same time you’ll get in touch with the culture of Finland that its has unique aspects that we want to share for you to have the possibility to experience them and feel them during your stay. 

to choose us?

We know this country deeply, from down south to far up north, and we never stop this journey of discovering and exploring the country to add more to the experiences that we offer to you. With us, you will get to know the iconic places of each place you are visiting as well as the hidden gems that only we as locals know.

You are our priority, and we are here to show you everything about this country and what makes it so special to live in it.


Get to know more about Finland...

   EXPLORING       t h e   u n s e e n

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