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About me


My name Catherine Ghersi, I’m a professional wilderness and tour guide. I worked guiding in different countries in South America and in the Nordic countries in Europe, always feeling that this is more than a job, is my passion for life.


In 2015 I moved to Finland to learn about its history and to get the training to be a wilderness guide in the arctic. Since I graduated, I have been working as a guide in Finland, showing this amazing country from South to North. 

In summer most of my tours are in the beautiful and captivating cities of Helsinki and Tampere and in winter my excursions are in the wonderful Finnish Lapland where you can experience the magic and wild side of Finland. 



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In all these years working as a guide I have gotten valuable experience and knowledge from each place that I worked in past years, but I always had the thought that someday I would have my own company, where I could do something more than “just a tour”, that’s why NOMADE tourism was born.

“Because there is always more to see, and I can show it to you…”


  can you expect on my tours and excursions?

They are not crowded, I do only small or private groups in a friendly and intimate atmosphere, where you’ll get to know the important and historical facts of places we are visiting and at the same time you’ll get in touch with the culture of Finland that its has unique aspects that I want to share for you to have the possibility the experience them and feel them during your stay. 

should I be your guide?

I have been around this country from down south to far up north, as a tourist, student, worker, and now for years, as someone living in here working as a guide that never stops this journey of discovering and exploring the country to add more in the experiences that I offer to you.

You are my priority, I'm here for you to know everything about this country and what it makes it so special to live in it.

Are you ready to get your

Finnish experience?


I have different options for you in summer and winter. 


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